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Get to know Helen

You're here! I'm a licensed clinical social worker and ADHD-certified clinical service provider who specializes in offering affirming ACT evidence-based care to neurodivergent, LGBTQIA+, and people with a history of religious/spiritual trauma and nonreligious folks who need a secular therapy space to work through difficult experiences that honors their boundaries.


I am not currently accepting new clients for therapy, but my team is! You can secure your free consultation with a member of the therapy team at Divergent Path Wellness by completing the interest form here

Recently, I've made the executive decision - my neurodivergent mind is delighted by its inside joke about ADHD - to expand! With that the website content on service details, specialities, things you would benefit from knowing about therapy aren't here anymore. 

Find them (and me) at Divergent Path Wellness: Same service, new name and a future expanded team:

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