A person in a deep orange and teal scarf faces the woods. Their blue and brown hair is pulled up.

Therapy for wanderers

Evidence-based therapy for the "Fiercely Independent," the ever-curious

and brave who feel they've lost their footing.

(who are feeling lost).


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A foggy copse of gnarled trees creates the background for a quote on wildnerness.

The Wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask. 

-Nancy Newhall

Does this feel familiar? 

Once an imaginative, curious child - your often strayed from the beaten path. Now grown, you find yourself somewhat surprisingly with your shit more-or-less together. Yet in ways you feel stifled, life pruning your wildness into a shape not your own. Consistently self-reliant; you are making it work, sometimes while just hanging on. When you emerge from your rich internal life there's a pervasive, discomforting sense of being unendingly alone. On the inside you fall apart, feel a silent scream creep up in your throat and then...  shut it down. You've kept at it. Showing up. Throwing yourself into the world while ignoring needs of your own. Doing what "fiercely independent" humans do. 

You might think to yourself, Ugh! I'm self-reliant. As rich and deep as my wilderness is, it can really suck to feel so alone.

First of all, take a breath. Independence is not an inherently negative trait. Secondly, Welcome. You're in the right place. Check out Services to see what's in store for you. 

Helen, a red-haired femme, leans forward with a direct gaze as their chin rests in their hand.

Clients describe me as easy to connect with, quirk-appreciating, dark-humor embracing, with a penchant for colorful language. I show up as myself in hopes that it helps you to do the same. 

I know that it isn't easy to talk about vulnerable experiences, thoughts and feelings. Experiences of grief, anxiety, and being a wanderer at heart are ones I share with you. Through this, it is clear to me how vital validating support is. 

I am dedicated to providing a secular space for people to process grief, loss & anxiety while honoring their identities. 

Dark-humor and swearing happen here, 

as do growth and healing. 

Let's discover how I can help. 

You are the expert on your experience & the protagonist of your own story. 

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How to get started

Connect Today. From the Contact page you can send a message or schedule a free online consultation directly from the client portal. You have a choice to schedule either a 15 minute free consultation or a full 50 minute psychotherapy session from there. Once scheduled, you'll receive a reminder a couple days before the consultation with a link to secure video chat. Scheduling a free consultation does not make you a client. Intake forms, available in the portal, must be completed before any 50 minute psychotherapy session. 

Please note that Helen Dempsey-Henofer, LCSW does not offer crisis services. If you are in need of immediate mental health support, please call 911 or see the list of hotline options from the Contact page.

Visit the Contact page for directions to the office and to ask any questions you may have.