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When the systems you live in weren't designed with you in mind...

It's undoubtedly challenging. Here therapy is




When, as an adult, you understand yourself as neurodivergent it's not uncommon to have thoughts like these:

  • Greater understanding: Oh, that fits.
  • Frustration and grief: Why didn't anyone tell me?... Why didn't I figure it out sooner?... If I had know earlier, things could have been different.
  • Relationship difficulties: I feel misunderstood... What matters to others isn't at all what matters to me... I have to change myself to make others comfortable and fit in... No one gets me.

Embrace your weird.

-Dr. Camilla Pang

If you are struggling and think your difficulties are related to neurodivergence (including Autism and ADHD), lets talk about it. As a neurodivergent person who is also an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Professional with additional training in autism, I am sensitive to challenges experienced by neurodivergent people in the environments we live in. 

Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy Is Your Open Space for Healing

Imagine a life where you could...

Helping You Connect With Your Own Inner Wisdom

Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy equips you with strategies to work through your challenges and start taking meaningful action in your life with less confusion and more confidence.

You will get you effective skills you need to find your way through difficult feelings and situations and embrace the magic (what sorcery is this?) that makes you unique.

Even if you are nervous about starting therapy, Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy may be able to help.

I've helped people who've faced enormous life changes to feel capable in their ability to rise to the occasion (even when the occasion sucks). My clients overcome self-doubt to trust in their own capabilities.

My name is Helen Dempsey-Henofer and I am a neurodiversity affirming therapist who is here to help.

As a neurodivergent ADHDer, I've also felt a bit weird for as long as I've been alive and Dr. Camilla Pang's expression, "Embrace your weird." resonates with me. 


If it's not for you, that's okay. 

There are different flavors of neurospicy.

I'm not an "ADHD/Autism is a super-power"er (unless someone's giving us capes) but I deeply value people who see things differently and I know that being wired differently can make life challenging. That's real. 

My hope for you, if you do therapy, is that you don't have to teach the therapist "Neurodiversity 101" but connect with a therapist who gets your experience.

If you think we'd be a good fit,

I hope you'll schedule a consultation.


How Affirming Therapy Works

Your experience comes first. I call on a framework of evidence-based practice helping you navigate human challenges. The evidence-based framework I use is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Through ACT, I support clients in creating space for their experience, getting clarity on what's most important, and developing skills to navigate difficult feelings. We start with your experience and self-knowledge to give our work a sense of direction. Much of our work together is focused on building self-compassion. Therapy moves at your own pace. Affirming Therapy consists of 55-minute, one-on-one sessions that help you work through your concerns. In addition to listening,  I will share information from the research on neurodivergence with the understanding that what matters more than the research is your experience. In each session, I actively engage with you. Here’s how it will work step-by-step:

Research shows that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can alleviate your struggle with thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. ACT gives you new tools in you navigate life's challenges.

Let’s Get Started Today

Ready to start feeling better? If you feel alone and lost, unsure of how to find your way, Secular Therapy could help.

Start now and begin allowing your heart to heal through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. During your free online consultation you can start getting a feel for how I can help and we can discuss next steps.

Connect Today for your free online consultation from the Contact page.

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