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Moving beyond information into integrity

Have you ever read a self-help book and gotten great information, but when it comes to acting on the information it's challenging to follow through? 


Helen Dempsey-Henofer MBA, MSW, LCSW offers 2 types of courses:

  1. Self-led for independent learners

  2. With live sessions for folks that learn best with feedback and space to unpack and dig in

All courses focus on creating space for authenticity, whether designed to support other clinicians in developing practices -or- teaching skills for people interest in taking up space in their lives in new ways. 

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Online learning is for those who are:

  • Wanting information on taking up space in new ways. 

  • Ready to dig in; they understand the importance of dedicating time to personal development. 

  • Willing to try new things, even when doing so is challenging, and show up for others who are doing the same. 

If you checked the boxes, that's a good start. You also need to know a couple things. Disclaimer o'clock:

  1. All courses, consulting, and supervision services provided by Helen Dempsey-Henofer are guided by the value of authenticity. I show up as myself, a sometimes awkward human who cares-to-my-bones about making space for diverse experiences. An often-irreverent passionate being, there's sometimes swearing. Committed to creating space for authenticity from the inside-out, it's important to me to be real with you and I show up as my humanist, feminist, anti-racist self. 

  2. Courses are not a substitution for therapy. They include education, group support, and accountability. If you would benefit from mental health treatment, I strongly recommend establishing care with a licensed provider. Enrolling in an online course does not establish a therapy relationship.

  3. Pricing varies by service. Education / consulting services offered by Helen Dempsey-Henofer MBA, MSW, LCSW include clinical supervision, training for service providers & organizations, and online courses for personal development. Email to inquire. Online courses prices are listed on the course page:

Why am I so-friggin'-insistent on people needing space to show up as themselves? 

Because it's not just life-altering, but world-changing. 

Concealment, the behavior of hiding parts of one's self due to not feeling safe in the environment, has a significant impact on public health. Often the fear that fuels concealment makes sense. The antidote for concealment is creating space for authenticity. 


Creating space for authenticity is a multi-leveled approach. Leaders and organizations can make a commitment to creating cultures that foster and encourage diversity, not simply of appearances but also of experiences and ideas.  

Individually, you might notice where you struggle to show up authentically and what resources or skills you need. Check out the courses at Space4Authenticity

Got questions? Contact me. 

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