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Introducing Seminars: A Unique Opportunity for Skill-Building and Learning in Community 🌟


I'm excited to offer seminars as a separate service from the therapy practice. While participating in a seminar doesn't establish a therapist/client relationship, it provides a fantastic chance to develop valuable skills and connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment.


Seminars are designed to complement your personal journey and empower you with the tools and insights needed to navigate life's challenges. By attending one of our engaging, interactive sessions, you'll be able to learn from your peers, share your experiences, and grow together in a safe and nurturing space.


If you're interested in discovering the transformative power of our seminars, we invite you to explore our current offering: "Discover Your Strengths: A Supportive Coping-Skills Seminar for Neurodivergent LGBTQIA+ Individuals." This 10-week virtual experience is tailored just for you, unlocking empowerment, connection, and growth.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enrich your life and build a strong foundation for your well-being. Click [here] to learn more about our seminars and secure your spot in this life-changing experience.

Summer Seminar

Discover Your Strengths: A Supportive Coping-Skills Seminar for Neurodivergent LGBTQIA+ Individuals

Unlock Empowerment, Connection, and Growth in a 10-Week Virtual Experience Tailored Just for You

Using The Neurodivergent-Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills by Sonny Jane Wise @livedexperienceeducator.

Book included in cost of registration. ​Mondays 12pm to 1pm EST starting 05/22/23

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